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Beauty is not just about looking good; it is also about looking healthy and spreading that pleasant vibe when you meet someone. There are those times when you feel that your skin has lost that glow and the reasons for that could be many. But here are few solutions available at Vaidehee which ensure that your skin is taken care of in the most appropriate manner, Microdermabrasion / Skin Polishing being one of them.


[dt_sc_team name=”Microdermabrasion/ Skin Polishing” degree=”60min” image=”http://placehold.it/300×300″ ]This is a very effective solution for dull skin. It is commonly called Skin Polishing but in cosmetic terms it is called as Microdermabrasion. This is basically a deep exfoliating treatment which leads to a soft and supple skin thereby giving you a glowing complexion.[/dt_sc_team]
[dt_sc_team name=”Super Skin Rejuvenation” degree=”60min” image=”http://placehold.it/300×300″ ]Nothing beats the delight and happiness when you see your skin glowing with radiance. The high pressure lifestyle and other external factors tend to affect your skin in many ways and the aging issues lead to great amount of stress. But with the presence of advanced technology in skin treatments, those fears can be driven away.[/dt_sc_team]

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This treatment focuses on removing the dead skin and it promotes the rejuvenation of new skin cells giving you that ever-appealing youthful look.

If you have rough and dry skin, then skin polishing would alleviate this by removing the dead skin cells. The hydration quotient of your skin gets improved thus ensuring deep nourishment and smoothing of skin giving you that silky effect.[/dt_sc_tab]
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  • If you have any issues with your skin, then the Microdermabrasion/Skin Polishing is the best option.
  • It helps you deal with dry/dehydrated skin, acne marks, fine wrinkles, tanned skin, uneven texture, etc.
  • If you have any special occasion around the corner, this is the apt treatment to get that extra radiance on your skin and can make heads turn around.
  • When fine lines and aging spots start worrying you, then the skin polishing treatment improves those areas and ensures a rejuvenated look.[/dt_sc_tab][/dt_sc_tabs_vertical]



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